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Now we have covered what hosting is in our last blog [insert internal link here]. Now we move on to looking at why you need hosting for your website. One way of looking at hosting is that it is the digital heartbeat of your website. Without hosting there is no heartbeat. This means that your site isn’t accessible on the internet. Meaning not only a potential loss of revenue but also damage to your reputation as a business. A fine example of this is the social network Facebook who prides itself on having no downtime. Consumer behaviour when it comes to internet shopping shows that people are less likely to wait around for your site to come back up.

The benefits of using a hosting company 

Now we have looked at why you need hosting let’s look at the ways you can host your website. You can, in fact, run your own server from your own home. The downside to this is the start-up costs and overheads. To explain, you would have to purchase the server yourself alongside all of the installation equipment. On top of this, you’re going to need the server running around the clock. This can add some considerable costs to your utility bill. On top of this, you need the technical know-how to set the server up and to also run any updates and debugging where needed.

Using a hosting company means that you escape all of these costs. That is why hosting companies charge you a fee to host through them. These companies also tend to have a more robust infrastructure in place and contingency plans should they have a power cut for example. This provides your website with more protection from ever potentially going down or being hacked. This peace of mind and assurance is worth a lot more than the fee you’re going to end up paying a hosting company for their services.

What to look for in your hosting company

Now that we have covered why you need hosting for your website and why you should opt for using a hosting company. You’ve probably noticed by now there is an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing your hosting company. However, there are certain things you should look for in your ideal hosting company. The first is reliability. After all, as we’ve discussed, they will be providing the digital heartbeat for your website. You don’t want to go to a company that has a history of considerable downtime. you’ll also want round the clock support from them. With the servers running 24/7 problems can strike at any time so you’ll want these to be dealt with swiftly. Here at Trak Creations, we offer reliable and cost-effective hosting services and a variety of other services including web design. If you want to know more get in touch with a member of our team.

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