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When it comes to building a website. Whether it’s for yourself or your business. It’s not a process that should be rushed. This applies to both the planning and building stages. Building a website is a process that should require all of your attention and focus. After all your website is going to end up becoming the face of your brand online. And it is also going to be one of your most fruitful digital assets. As you progress along your journey of building a website there are certain things that have to be considered. Today we look at the top 5 things you should be considering when building your website.

1) Choosing the right domain name and hosting provider

It’s all well and good designing your website. But if you don’t have a website name for it nor anyone to host your website, nobody is going to see it. Before you start with the aesthetical design you should first look into securing the correct domain name. After all, if you leave it too late, someone else may have taken it. [plug a link to domain name article here]. After that, you’re going to want to choose a reliable hosting provider who can ensure your website will always be live. [plug a link to hosting article here].

2) Make sure your website is accessible across all devices

As a user of a smartphone and a tablet, there is nothing more frustrating than coming across a website that isn’t responsive. By this, we mean having to zoom in and out to navigate through the pages. It can even put some visitors off totally. In the modern-day, most of us are visiting websites on our phones rather than on laptops and desktops. It’s for this reason that you need to make sure your website is responsive across all devices.

3) Make sure it loads fast!

A few seconds may not sound like a long time, however, when it comes to a websites loading time. It certainly is. Believe it or not, the longer that someone has to wait for your website to load, the higher the chance of them just leaving it altogether. There are many different ways of ensuring that your website loads fast including memory optimisation and clearing your cache.

4) Draw up some content ready

A big part of SEO and working your way up the rankings in Google is blogging. In preparation for when your website is live why not get some engaging fresh content written up. This can be done whilst you’re building a website and after also. It’s also best to draw up a schedule of when to release your content so that you’re not bombarding them with everything at once.

5) Integrate your social media into your website 

Another way to drive traffic towards your website is from your social media channels. And also your website can act as a way to drive traffic towards your social media channels in return. It’s always advised to have your social media channels integrated fully with your website so your visitors can see everything in one place rather than having to search themselves.

These are just some of the points that we would advise you to pay heavy consideration when building a website. If you want to know more about our team here at Trak Creations and how we can help in both designing and building a website. Or if you just want a consultation on what you should be focusing on don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team

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